Learning In The Digital World

During week two we sent home an overview of the term (which can also be found here on the class blog) outlining topics we will cover and other important information. Included on this overview was a code unique to each student for parents to sign up for Edmodo. With this code parents can become involved in what is happening day to day in our classroom, and how their child is progressing.

I love Edmodo.

It allows me to mark work anywhere or anytime (provided I have an internet connection). I don’t have to lug trays of books home for marking. I can set assignments and quizzes weeks in advance to appear at the appropriate time. I can easily track who has completed work, and provide feedback quickly when tasks are completed. Students can clearly see which tasks need to completed and due dates. They can print copies of assignments, post photos of artworks and design tasks. While it isn’t necessary for students to access their digital learning at home (not all families have internet access) it is useful to share or complete work at home sometimes. Students who are away from school can still access many activities at home or when they return to school.

In the classroom our work books are mostly used for draft work (writing, design etc) or routine work such as our Soundations spelling program, handwriting, or Maths tasks. Any work that is being assessed or is significant can be found either on Edmodo, or in students ‘work sample folder’. These folder can be taken home anytime provided they are returned to school and include test results (pre and post unit tests); Artworks; Maths challenges and units; and significant pieces of writing.

Once we have gained access to the new Chromebook laptops at school, we will also start to see more work samples appear on student blogs, along with opinions and reflections about our learning.

This is all meant to help students become proficient in learning in the digital world, and provides parents which a great chance to stay connected with what is happening in our classroom.

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