Our First Two Weeks

Our first two weeks have flown by and we have managed to achieve most of the items from our LH2L lotus diagram plan. We even managed to complete some tasks more quickly than plan, and begin our first project.

In Science we have had our first Inquiry Circle exploring forces. An inquiry circle is where the students ask as many questions as possible about the topic and attempt to provide answers for each other. The teacher simply records the questions and doesn’t answer any questions or correct incorrect answers. We use the inquiry circle to show existing knowledge and find areas of interest which can be used to design a unit of learning around. We are building towers and ramps to explore how a marble will travel across different surfaces and the forces that play a part.

In writing we are looking at what makes a skilled writer. We have looked at how to use the five senses to dig deep and describe a scene, rather than writing a story that is just a ‘series of events’. Lachlan produced some great collaborative writing this week. He worked diligently to complete his 100 word challenge (which he wasn’t happy with) so he shared it with the class who helped him come up with some ideas around what it would feel like to be ‘in that moment’. The result is below.

‘There was a massive crash of rhinoceroses racing up towards me. Suddenly, a rhino stabbed me in the arm. It was hard for me to run with blood spurting out of my arm. The ground shook with the thundering of hooves and there was an enormous dust cloud. It looked like a massive tornado coming towards me. Sweat hung from his brow. Tears welled up in his eyes. My hands began to tremble with fear. His heart was pounding out of his chest. His pupils dilated and I turned to run but the pain was excruciating. I safely made it back home…’

While he had some problems switching between first and third person, Lachlan controlled the tense, included adjectives and a collective noun which were part of this weeks challenge. Good job Lachlan!

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