Ramp Construction 2017

Ramps 2017 from Abe Moore on Vimeo.

During term one we have been constructing ramps to measure the forces of friction and gravity. Using the same materials we built ramps in pairs. The main materials we used were corks, pop-sticks, card board and warm glue. We tested the ramps of four different surfaces: Carpet; bitumen; soft-fall; Linoleum. We predicted that the linoleum would be the fastest surface because it is a smooth surface and the slowest would be the bitumen because of its rough surface.

The best performing ramp was also the tallest ramp. This allowed the marble to accelerate because gravity was pulling it towards the ground. The smooth surfaces caused less friction allowing the marble to travel further. The rough surfaces slowed the marble down because there was more friction, the marble lost momentum (inertia).

The activity was challenging because it was difficult to build a ramp that could perform well.

Video and Story by William.

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