Homework In Primary School

This was an interesting recent segment from The Morning Show featuring Doctor Justin Coulson. He advocates that homework for primary school aged students is less effective than many other programs and interventions, with the exception of reading and possibly project based self-inquiry tasks. He states that scientific research (like the Hattie diagram attached) has found that homework programs have negligible impact on learning, and that improved student success can be linked to other factors. He believes that homework creates extra workload for teachers and increases stress & family conflict for students. Homework places a burden on parents and diminishes opportunity to do family activities, sports, or play.

The big point for me is that homework is rarely inspiring, and usually rote based or reinforces skills that students already have. My expectation is that students  will work hard for the time that they are in the classroom, and then enjoy their home-time to pursue other interests.

You can view the segment HERE and read more detail about Doctor Coulson’s stance on his website  ‘Happy Families’ HERE


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