Creating a Logo for “The City of Glacier Park”

Creating “The City of Glacier Park” Logo from Abe Moore on Vimeo.
6/7 Moore is developing a collaborative term-long Project Based Learning (PBL) task which involves creating a ‘city’ in which we all work. Students will be ‘paid’ to come to school and complete their normal work tasks, and will have the opportunity to manage their finances and learning time.

We are creating a council for the “City of Glacier Park” who will collect taxes, makes decisions for the residents, and run events at school. As part of this, we are developing a class constitution based on our existing values and agreements, a logo symbol for the city, and planning the calendar of events for work tasks and events in term two. Students will create a significant amount of learning con
tent, which will be shared via our blogs.

This project covers multiple areas of the curriculum, and will focus on 4 C’s – Collaboration; Community; Creativity; and Critical Thinking. For more information, head over to “The City of Glacier Park” website.

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