Council Election Debate

Council Debate Highlights – City of Glacier Park from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.

In the last week of term one we held a debate between the students nominating for the City of Glacier Park council. Students held several different positions on topics including whether to be pro or anti-business for councillors; whether celebration days and events should be earned or be available to all; and how many sick/family days residents should receive at full pay.

Elections were then held with Heath overwhelmingly being voted Mayor based on the popular vote. The election of the following 4 council positions were separated by just 3 votes. Amber; Hailey; Jacob and William were elected based largely on their performance in the debate. A council meeting was then held where several items were ratified.

  • Residents are permitted 5 sick & family day absences during term two with full pay.
  • Council voted for the anti-business position. As councillors are responsible for choosing and funding businesses, they are able to volunteer time to business, but cannot be paid for their involvement.
  • Residents of Glacier Park must earn rewards and event days through good attendance, positive behaviour and managing their finances. Council will run three events that will be open to all residents.
  • Council will hold a referendum to decide the end of term celebration event.

There was much discussion amongst the class about whether we should allow students to ‘fail’, a topic I will discuss in a future post.

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