Sphero Chariot Racing Week

Our collaborative project using Spheros to advocate powerful learning in our community was a great success. It was messy, loud and a whole lot of fun. Students created a scale model of the Adelaide Clipsal 500 race track in our classroom. They designed advertising, an elaborate camera system using the TouchCast iPad app, created a racing schedule, and even commentated on the races. In-between all of this was obviously designing and building Sphero Chariots. We used the LAUNCH cycle once again to give structure to our design thinking process. Students then practiced as much as possible on track to highlight and fix any problems before race-day.

While this was all great and plenty of new learning happened, we were really interested in phases 2 & 3 which included teaching our younger peers how to drive Spheros on our race track and a specially designed obstacle course. Following this, we held a family night after school where students volunteered to help kids and families build lego chariots, race and even paint with Spheros. Students also reflected on the experience and included some suggestions for what could be done for improvement next time.

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One thought on “Sphero Chariot Racing Week

  1. Dear All,
    Congratulations to Jacob and James the Fire team for winning the race, it was really exciting to watch it on video! My favourite part was the final race itself, I was sorry when the wheel of a chariot fell out :(.
    The Glacier Park project is great, I’m sorry that I can follow it only from Hungary.
    You guys were soooo good, congrats! Have a good Holiday, cheers, Flora

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